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Sherlock Holmes Wenlock

As part of London 2012's Olympic celebrations this mascot was positioned at the end of Baker street in Regents Park.

A traditional Sherlock costume of Harris Tweed, Deerstalker hat and Inverness Cape over a Victorian suit.

Details (clues)

Magnifying glass
Set of Skeleton Keys
Pen (of the same type used by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) with initials 'C.D.'
Pocket Watch & Lion's Mane Jellyfish fob (The 'killer' in The Lion's Mane)
Emerald Tie-pin mentioned in The Bruce-Partington Plans and hinted as a gift from Queen Victoria (V.R.)
A jemmy/small crowbar
A pipe, based more on the films as the books describe a smaller type.
A scarlet Moss Rose: A Study in Scarlet being the first story to introduce Sherlock Holmes. In The Naval Treaty Holmes breaks character somewhat whist admiring the Moss Rose, a scene wonderfully played by Jeremy Brett in 1984.
A blue precious stone cufflink as described in The Blue Carbuncle
A black pearl cufflink as described in The Six Napoleons
Buttons on the waistcoat contain the Morse Code characters for Holmes' address: 2 2 1 b

sherlock tie pin

sherlock 221b

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Sherlock Holmes Wenlock

Sherlock Holmes pipe

sherlock magnifying glass

Here is our time-lapse film of Sherlock being painted in a windy, rainy gazebo!



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